• C Circulation循環: Capnograph Colour (Saturation)血氧濃度
  • O Oxygen Supply氧氣: Oxygen Analyser氧氣分析儀
  • V Ventilation (Ventilated Pts)呼吸器 Vaporisers汽化器
  • E Endotracheal Tube氣管內管, Eliminate Machine排除設備原因
  • R Review Monitors Review Equipment回顧監視器
  • A Airway (if Face mask or LMA)
  • B Breathing
  • C Circulation (in more detail)
  • D Drugs
  • A Awareness意識/Air embolism氣體栓塞/Air in pleura氣胸/Anaphylaxis過敏反應
  • SWIFT CHECK of Patient, Surgeon and Surrounds用SWIFT CHECK準則觀察病人、外科醫師、環境

Change order for spontaneous breathing to: AB COVER CD A SWIFT CHECK


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